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In order to understand Fairtrade and why it’s so important, we need to understand, that often, products we buy are less expensive at the expense of another person. Whether that be underpaying for the purchase of goods, low wages, child labour or unsuitable working conditions. This is sometimes really hard for us as loving human beings to think about, but to ignore it is contributing to the problem.

Fairtrade's vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential and decide on their future.

Fairtrade was created to ensure that the farmers and their workers that are producing things that we love in developing countries are being paid fairly and are working under suitable conditions. There are more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in the Fairtrade programme. The Fairtrade Organisation works directly with the farmers so that they can be a part of the decision-making process that affects their farms, workers, and communities.

Being a part of the Fairtrade Organisation means, that 2% of all GoodBuzz sales goes back to the organisation. This money supports infrastructure, growth, education and the communities of our producers. So the next time you are at the supermarket, be a voice for our hard working producers and look for that Fairtrade symbol and know that you are making a difference with your dollar.

A note from Michael Gidney, Chief Executive, Fairtrade Foundation

You may need a doctor, highly paid, occasionally. But you need a farmer three times a day. Let’s make sure we value them equally. It is simply unacceptable that farmers and workers remain in so many cases locked in poverty.


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cranberry kombucha mocktail


Last week I talked about my battle with bladder infections, so this week I wanted to share a recipe that will compliment your healing process that can be enjoyed anytime. This one is a cranberry mocktail paired with Kombucha.  

Cranberry is very helpful because it actually makes the walls of your urinary tract slick and prevents bacteria from hanging on, and when you pair that up with some good gut bacteria, you have a powerhouse drink that can help soothe that irritated bladder.

You will need:

1 bottle of Goodbuzz Origins Kombucha

¼ cups of pure organic cranberry juice

Slice of ginger

Mint to garnish

Add kombucha, cranberry juice and ginger slice to your glass and mix. Garish with mint.

Read more here on the study of cranberry juice and its effectiveness on your bladder.

Bladder infections. Are they making you miserable? Posted on 27 Sep 09:00 , 0 comments

bladder infections


Back in 2011 I went away for a girls weekend with my two daughters and my cousin. Lots of laughs and adventures were had, as well as some relaxing time spent in the spa pool. We came home feeling refreshed and ready to get back into our busy schedules, and then I was hit like a ton of bricks by my very first ever bladder infection. It was absolutely painful and horrible and personally, I believe I contracted it from the hotel spa pool. GROSS!

Since that time, I have had quite a few more of them and it usually happens after sitting in a spa. I believe this is due to the dehydration that takes place by not drinking enough water during or after a spa session, as well as any bacteria that could be floating around in the water. It’s actually become quite a scary thing for me to even think about sitting in a spa pool until recently.

During the Queen’s birthday weekend my family and I went over to a big hot springs pool for the day. While it was an amazing day, by Tuesday the following week I was feeling that dang bladder infection coming on. I upped my water intake, but it didn’t seem to help my discomfort. By Saturday, I was feeling pretty terrible. I was told by a friend about a product called Biosphere Urinary Tract support that same day and I ordered it in.

I received my order on Tuesday morning and started the 5-day treatment. The main ingredient is D-Mannose which is a monosaccharide hexose sugar, naturally found in some trees, berries, and fruits, such as cranberry. It complements the body’s natural cleansing process. It comes with 20 pre packed pouches that you mix with water 4 times per day between meals. By the end of the 2nd day, I was already feeling almost like new and was super excited to have finally found a natural product that works so quickly to soothe my bladder.

After doing some research I have found that so many kiwi women suffer from bladder infections. So if that is you, I encourage you to try this product for yourself. I know I will definitely keep a box in my kitchen so that I have it available for when that pesky bladder infection strikes again!

Want to stock up or order your own Biosphere Urinary Tract Support? They've been so kind as to offer our readers a 30% discount off their order! Just use the code GOODBUZZ at check out. 

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This powerhouse tonic is sure to jumpstart your digestive tract with heaps of natural fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and a splash of probiotics.


1 Pomegranate

3 slices of fennel

1 bottle of Goodbuzz original Kombucha


Muddle 2 slices of fennel in the bottom of a glass

Remove ripe pomegranate seeds and juice into a glass

Pour a chilled bottle of Goodbuzz original Kombucha over the top, garnish with remaining fennel and enjoy!


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Do you feel frustrated that every single winter you seem to get sick and it drags on for weeks or months? Well, there is actually something to that and it’s not your fault.

As the winter months set in our bodies respond with increased inflammation. Our DNA actually changes its expression up to 23% in those cooler months allowing that pesky community of bad bacteria to take hold making us sick and leaving our bodies in a constant battle.

A study conducted back in 2015 from multiple countries with varying climates showed, that in tropical climates, people were more prone to illness and inflammation during the rainy season, and places like the UK, US, and Germany, inflammation increased during the winter months and decreased during the summer months. This study concluded, that the cooler temps and lack of sun and that important vitamin D had an impact on all forms of life.

 Some easy ways to combat those little buggers are probably already hiding in your kitchen. For my family, I chop a yellow onion, mince a clove of garlic, adding a tsp of honey. Put all ingredients into a saucepan adding about 2 cups of filtered water. Bring to a boil and turn down to a slow simmer. After 15 minutes strain off the onion and garlic transferring the juice into a cup or a coffee mug that will keep it warm. Sip on this juice concoction all throughout the day.

 You can also make a fresh cup of lemon and ginger tea using the juice of half a lemon and a couple of slices of ginger, pouring hot water from the kettle straight into your cup. You can add honey or drink plain. If you are feeling brave, you can also add a little sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Another quick wellness tip is drinking a teaspoon of sauerkraut juice daily (Be Nourished is my personal fave). This gets billions of beneficial bacteria into your body and helps to fight off illness.  

If you are experiencing a full blown cold, it works great to boil some filtered water, add 3 drops of eucalyptus oil, place a towel over your head and over the pan. Take 5 deep breaths through the nose of the steaming water making sure you have some tissues close by. The eucalyptus kills off bacteria infiltrating your nasal passages.

All of the ingredients listed above are chock full of vitamin C, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. They all help boost the immune response and pave the way to healing.

Read study here-

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spicy pumpkin soup


One of our favourite winter soups is a spicy pumpkin curry. This one is packed full of immune boosting goodness and well as a little kick to get those sinuses moving. There are varying degrees of heat that you can add to this soup, so I will share a couple of them and you can decide on what suits your taste buds.

2 TBSP of olive or coconut oil

1 large yellow onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

1 bunch of coriander

1 bunch of chives

3 Cups of steamed pumpkin

4 Cups of vegetable broth

1 ¾ cups of coconut cream

2-3 TBSP of curry powder (mild, or hot)

1 small jar of Raglan Coconut Yoghurt

Hot pepper or red pepper flakes (optional)


Steam pumpkin and scoop out the flesh into a bowl.

Finely chop onion and garlic. In a large saucepan over medium heat, saute onion and garlic in olive oil cooking until it’s translucent. Add in your curry powder, salt and pepper then saute for another minute.

Add in vegetable broth, pumpkin and coconut cream. Heat mixture for another 5 minutes and remove from heat. With a stick blender, blend mixture to smooth in the pan ensuring that you are careful not to splash. That liquid is HOT!

Transfer desired amount to bowl and put a dollop of coconut yoghurt on top,  and garnish with chives and coriander. If you want to add some extra heat, sprinkle on some red pepper flakes or finely chopped hot peppers.

From my kitchen to yours- Enjoy!

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spicy food


For as long as I can remember I've had an absolute love affair with spicy food. That intense tingle on my tongue, that almost burn your taste buds off kind of spicy. Luckily, I married a man that shares my passion for all things hot, and my children, well, they've had to get used to my spicy dishes, but have embraced the heat like champs.

While I've enjoyed spicy food for ages now I didn't realise until a few years ago, that spicy food actually has some amazing health benefits.

Capsaicin, the compound that gives a hot pepper its heat, is packed full of potassium, iron, beta carotene and antioxidants that help boost the immune system, as well as vitamins A and C, which support the heart and the heat of the pepper, increases your blood circulation. It also produces that “feel good” hormone, serotonin. 

It doesn't stop there; spicy food has shown to even reduce inflammation. It can also help lower your LDL cholesterol (which is bad cholesterol) and reduce your chances of a heart attack. Spicy food can also kill off parasites that might be hanging out in your gut wreaking havoc on your intestinal walls. Yuck!

 Studies have shown that those who consumed spicy food almost every day reduced their risk of heart attack by 14%.  

 While my family and I are huge fans of spicy food, that doesn't mean it is for everyone. Some stomach issues like IBS can be triggered by this tasty hot pepper. So if you have concerns, always consult your GP first.

If you are ready to start incorporating some more spice in your life, my personal favourite is Aldersons. They are a New Zealand small business that uses locally sourced ingredients, and it’s super tasty.


GET SPICY-For your health!


You asked for it - our new online store! Posted on 29 Jan 08:00 , 2 comments

Well, we ran a successful survey and the results were clear - 80% of you wanted to buy our tasty kombucha online. We've been trying to cover New Zealand with our new brew as fast as we can but apparently just not fast enough!

It's always nice to enjoy a Booch at your favourite cafe, restaurant, bar or even grab a couple of bottles at the few supermarkets stocking us. We appreciate all the support our retailers have given us by stocking our new and unique brew but there are many of you want to supplement with a good supply in the fridge at home as well.

So here it is - our new online store! We hope you find the experience easy to use but just let us know if we can improve.

Keep an eye out for discount codes that we'll scatter around social media, markets and events!

We're making as much Booch as our family business can brew but we'll continue to scale production as we are able. We anticipate high demand, so we apologise in advance for any delays on your order. We'll promise to make it up to you!

Thanks to all of you so far that have joined us on our journey. We look forward to coming up with new flavours and surprising you all as we go.