You asked for it - our new online store! Posted on 29 Jan 08:00 , 2 comments

Well, we ran a successful survey and the results were clear - 80% of you wanted to buy our tasty kombucha online. We've been trying to cover New Zealand with our new brew as fast as we can but apparently just not fast enough!

It's always nice to enjoy a Booch at your favourite cafe, restaurant, bar or even grab a couple of bottles at the few supermarkets stocking us. We appreciate all the support our retailers have given us by stocking our new and unique brew but there are many of you want to supplement with a good supply in the fridge at home as well.

So here it is - our new online store! We hope you find the experience easy to use but just let us know if we can improve.

Keep an eye out for discount codes that we'll scatter around social media, markets and events!

We're making as much Booch as our family business can brew but we'll continue to scale production as we are able. We anticipate high demand, so we apologise in advance for any delays on your order. We'll promise to make it up to you!

Thanks to all of you so far that have joined us on our journey. We look forward to coming up with new flavours and surprising you all as we go.