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In order to understand Fairtrade and why it’s so important, we need to understand, that often, products we buy are less expensive at the expense of another person. Whether that be underpaying for the purchase of goods, low wages, child labour or unsuitable working conditions. This is sometimes really hard for us as loving human beings to think about, but to ignore it is contributing to the problem.

Fairtrade's vision is a world in which all producers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfill their potential and decide on their future.

Fairtrade was created to ensure that the farmers and their workers that are producing things that we love in developing countries are being paid fairly and are working under suitable conditions. There are more than 1.65 million farmers and workers in the Fairtrade programme. The Fairtrade Organisation works directly with the farmers so that they can be a part of the decision-making process that affects their farms, workers, and communities.

Being a part of the Fairtrade Organisation means, that 2% of all GoodBuzz sales goes back to the organisation. This money supports infrastructure, growth, education and the communities of our producers. So the next time you are at the supermarket, be a voice for our hard working producers and look for that Fairtrade symbol and know that you are making a difference with your dollar.

A note from Michael Gidney, Chief Executive, Fairtrade Foundation

You may need a doctor, highly paid, occasionally. But you need a farmer three times a day. Let’s make sure we value them equally. It is simply unacceptable that farmers and workers remain in so many cases locked in poverty.