Happy Holidays, NZ!

What an insane year it has been for us here at GoodBuzz HQ. In April we made the shift from Wellington to Tauranga, so that we could scale up our operation to meet the growing demand for our Booch®. It was a hard and last minute decision, as it meant we had to leave our two eldest daughters behind (we miss them so much!).

However, the move took us from producing 30,000 bottles a month - in our maxed out facility - to now doing our biggest run yet of over 230,000 bottles! You guys are a bunch of Booch® addicts and we LOVE IT!

In July we launched a new flavour, Raspberry Lemon, and the response has been huge! Our small team has grown to four new, full time staff who have been an incredible addition to the Goodbuzz Family and we are so grateful to have them all on board to support our growing business.In October of this year, we brought on Lion as a 25% shareholder. Lion brings a whole lot of experience to help us launch kegs into bars, restaurants and cafes across New Zealand and abroad.

We are beyond stoked to enter into the new year with them in our corner!Thank you again to all of YOU for all of your love and support! We couldn’t have done it without you.Cheers, Alex and Amber


  • Jeremy JJanuary 31, 2018

    Looking forward to what 2018 has in store!!

  • LeeJanuary 31, 2018

    Congrats on such a successful year guys :)

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