Water. Are you getting enough of it? Posted on 28 Nov 08:00 , 0 comments

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You have probably heard the saying “water is the source of life.” That is so very true in every sense of the word. The amount of water that we take in on a daily basis can influence so much about our health and wellness. It can affect our organs, our muscles, energy, our digestion, and even our blood volume. Water is essentially more important than food. We can live for many days without food, but only about 3-5 days without water for a healthy human, so getting enough into your daily diet is ultra important.

I worked in the therapeutic massage and fitness industry for years and saw many clients who were affected by dehydration, but they didn’t even realise that that was what was ailing them. One of my clients came in for a massage and his muscles felt like rocks in his back. We had a chat about his water intake and I found that he wasn’t really drinking much water at all and that coke was his main thirst quencher. What happens is, when you aren’t getting enough water, your muscles can quite literally begin to dry out and start taking on the feeling of rocks and It will cause you intense pain all throughout your body.

I started working with my client and had him start drinking 120ml of water every 30 minutes on a timer ensuring that his body was absorbing the water. His biggest concern was, that he would have to get up too frequently to use the toilet during his workday and disrupt his workflow. Too much water at a time can run right through you and your body can’t absorb it, so I always recommend small amounts of water.  After a few weeks of this, he noticed that his pain was lessening, his energy was increasing, his muscles became much more pliable and his overall health seemed to be improving. He was amazed that something as simple as drinking enough water could revive his seemingly fading health.

You may be experiencing similar body ailments and wondering, am I drinking enough water? Some signs that you could be dehydrated are: feeling tired when you've had enough rest, headache, dizziness, fainting, shortness of breath, dry lips and increased heart rate and brown urine. A good starting point to get rehydrated is drinking 2-3 liters per day. I also recommend a good and clean water source. Natural spring water is the best as it’s chock full of minerals that are beneficial to the body as well as a water that has an alkaline pH level. So drink up and start watching your health improve!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - For your health!