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tailor skincare oil cleanse


When I was about nine years old my mum told me how important it was to take care of my skin. She got me started on a skin care routine that consisted of me washing my face and moisturising morning and night. I have kept up my routine for 30 years and it has truly paid off, with minimal breakouts and youthful looking skin(or so I’m told).

I believe 100% in using a good, quality skin care that is natural. After all, our skin is our largest organ, so why overload your body with chemical-laden products? I am asked frequently asked what I use, so I am going to share that with you today.

Three years ago I met the beautiful Sara Quilter at Wanderlust in Taupo. She told me about her skin care line Tailor Skincare, that contains bentonite clay. Having an extensive knowledge of bentonite clay and its detox abilities as well as being a user for many years I was totally intrigued. Sara was kind enough to send me free samples and I fell immediately in love with her products and so were my two teenage daughters. The bentonite clay mask quickly got rid of any breakouts that I had and her Oil Cleanse (my favourite) easily removed my makeup without leaving my face an irritated and greasy mess.  The moisturizer, “Your Blend” is light and specifically blended for your skin type. It keeps my skin feeling moisturised for the entire day and my makeup goes on smoothly after using it.

Tailor’s Renew, which is a probiotic serum is an absolutely amazing product.  My daughter had some serious scarring on your cheeks from hormonal breakouts and after a month of using the renew they almost completely disappeared!

If you are interested in having a go at this range, the Tailor team has generously offered our readers 20% off Tailor Skincare products and just in time for the holidays.

This code is valid from November 22nd - December 22nd and is not valid with any other offer and it excludes make up, limited runs and extras. To claim your discount, go to www.tailorskincare.co.nz  and use the code GoodSkin at checkout.