Custom Mix Case 328ml 12-Pack

Standard Mix case


We aim to put at least one of each flavour in, with more of the popular flavours!
If we are out of stock of any flavours, it will be substituted with more popular flavours.

($2.99 per bottle)

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How your GoodBuzz subscription will work

  • Can I cancel at any time? Yes, you sure can by logging in and changing your subscription settings.
  • What often can I get a shipment? You can have an order shipped weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
  • Can I switch the content of the subscription to try different kombuchas? Yes you can do this through the subscription settings
  • Will I have the new packs sent the same date of the month? Can I modify those dates? Yes, you can "Change next charge date" and "Change delivery schedule" via the subscription settings.
  • Can I add or remove different quantities to my subscription? Yes, this can be done in your subscription settings.

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Custom Mix case


Know what you want? Choose your own flavours and build your own mix case.

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*Unfortunately, we can't offer the customized mix case on subscription. If you want a mixed case on subscription try the standard mixed case instead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Rebecca Clark

A newbie to kombucha but absolutely love all the flavors and will continue to drink this brand.

Peter McDermott
Fine fizzy

It was good to try the whole range in the mixed dozen. But I find the fruit flavoured varieties a bit sweet for my taste. In future I'll stick to my faves: Original and Lemon & Ginger.


really good and a lot of flavours to choose from!

Good buzz

Love this

Rachel Lewis

These are my absolute favourite kombucha! They have no stevia so none of that funky taste! Honestly these are perfection!