Members of Good Buzz's Rewards Club are subject to Good Buzz's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, including the Terms and Conditions of the mentioned Rewards Club program. 

All dollar amounts mentioned in this article are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). This article discusses the "Referrer", the "Referred Customer," as well as any person associated with Good Buzz and the Good Buzz Rewards Club. 

The "Referrer" is the person in which refers or introduces new customers to Good Buzz's Rewards Club.

The "Referred Customer" is the person who has been referred or introduced to Good Buzz's Rewards Club by a Referrer. 

Good Buzz's Rewards Club entitles the Referrer and Referred Customer to one $10 coupon to use on orders valued $39.90 or more. To receive the $10 coupon and to participate in Good Buzz's Rewards Club, both the Referrer and Referred Customer must apply, sign up, and purchase items via Good Buzz's Rewards Club link. 

Once the referral has been confirmed, the Referred Customer will receive their $10 coupon via email. The coupon is delivered in the form of a unique code, which can be used at time of purchase and checkout of their first order of $100 or more. The purchase must be made via Good Buzz's Rewards Club link. 

The Referrer will receive an email with a $10 coupon to use on orders valued $100 or more after the Referred Customer makes their purchase of $100 or more, using their discount coupon. 

To be eligible to receive a $10 coupon, the purchase made by the Referred Customer must be a new customer to Good Buzz. 

Good Buzz's Rewards Club enables the Referrer to receive a $10 coupon for every new customer that is referred that places an order to the value of $39.90 or more. 

Good Buzz's Rewards Club is a separate program; therefore, it cannot be used with other Good Buzz promotions, discounts, and sales. 

A certified referral is a purchase that is made via the Good Buzz Rewards Club link to the value of $39.90 or more by a Referred Customer. The Referrer is entitled to one $10 coupon per new referral. 

Both the Referrer and the Referred Customer cannot be the same person. One person cannot use two separate email accounts, including Good Buzz accounts. 

The Referrer and the Referred Customer will need to place an order to the value of $100 or more. The overall order value excludes all applicable fees and shipping costs. 

The Referred Customer's coupon code will expire 6 months from the date of issue.

The Referrers coupon code will expire 6 months from the date of issue.

Good Buzz's Rewards Club is eligible for individual persons only; it is not available for businesses.

Should any Good Buzz Member, Customer, Referrer, Referred Customer, or Individual violate any of Good Buzz's Terms and Conditions, or be in breach of any law, statute or governmental regulation, Good Buzz has the right to close their account(s). Good Buzz reserves the right to request from the individual any outstanding or owing payments if applicable. 

Good Buzz has the right to cancel its Rewards Club, update or change its Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. If there are any unused or unclaimed rewards for the individual(s), it will be forfeited at that time.