Would you believe us if we told you that brewing traditional kombucha is actually quite simple? All you really need are a few simple ingredients, such as organic black tea, filtered water and symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast — A.K.A a ‘scoby.’ 

Fermentation magic aside, the part we love the most is creating different flavours of booch, using combinations of organic fruit, organic fruit extracts and other botanical ingredients that make each brew truly unique.

Innovators at heart, we’re constantly tweaking and expanding our product range. Here’s a peak behind the scenes into how we bring new flavours to life at Good Buzz.

Good Buzz Kombucha

1. The Idea

We’re a team of kombucha lovers at Good Buzz and bringing new flavours to the table is something we like to do together. We’ll get together and brainstorm the combinations we like to eat or drink as well as anything that's caught our eye in the beverage market lately.

Once we’ve decided on a few combinations we’d like to test, we’ll source the organic fruit and natural extracts we need to bring the flavours to life. 

2. Trial Brews

In the early stages we’ll trial our ideas in buckets the same way you’d brew kombucha at home. We follow our same process, just on a much smaller scale which allows us to get a feel for whether or not a flavour combination has winning potential.

The small batches sit (at 30°C) for two weeks in the fermentation room. This allows enough time for the scobys to feed on the sugar and convert it to micro-nutrients and organic acids.

3. Tasting

Now for the fun part. Taste is the most important factor for us when it comes to our flavours so it’s important to get our experimental brews on as many taste buds as possible. We’ll often get together as a team and taste the trials on tap and choose our favourites together. 

We’re all kombucha lovers and value the opinions of all our team members, even the smallest ones. Our two best taste testers at the moment are Luke, our head brewer’s two little daughters, “I also take the winners home to taste with my two little girls whose opinions are always honest and often entertaining.” 

4. Refining

Once we’ve decided on a flavour to bring to life, it’s back to the buckets to to continually tweak our measurements and ratios of organic fruit and organic fruit extracts to get the taste just right. 

Luke started with the new factory in November and loves his role trialling and refining new flavours came to Good Buzz after 15 years in the wine industry and is all about taste, smell and texture has trialled over 40 different flavour combinations since he arrived - that’s a lot of kombucha!

5. Final Brew

Sometimes it can take a while to finalise our recipe for new flavours, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’re onto a winner. 

After making a big batch of organic, fruity tea in 1000 litre stainless steel vats, we add the scoby and transfer the tea to containers in our fermentation room where the brews sit for two weeks - plenty of time for the scoby to work its fermentation magic, converting sugar into micro-nutrients and organic acids.

We regularly test every batch to make sure it’s up to standard, and once it’s reached the perfect fizz it’s off to be filtered, bottled and distributed to supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and our online store

As much as we love to experiment with new flavours using different fruits and other organic ingredients, there are some things we’ll never compromise on. 

Our kombucha will always be the authentic kind - brewed the traditional way without vinegars, concentrates or sweeteners. Good Buzz will always be your true brew kombucha, fizzing with beneficial live cultures down to the last drop.