A brand new flavour - Boysenberry Apple - has officially joined the Good Buzz Core Series. Our first new flavour since 2020, we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our loyal Good Buzzers. 

Boysenberry Apple has been more than 6 months in the making and is the very first hand-crafted brew by our Head Brewer Luke, who joined us late last year. 

Inspired by ripe fruits, natural flavours, winter fruit salads, we knew the flavour profiles of boysenberries and apples work in perfect harmony together. When we tried them out with our organic, traditionally brewed kombucha, we knew right away that we were on to a winner.

After two weeks fermentation while the scoby works its magic - converting sugar into micro-nutrients and organic acids - the result is a refreshing, gut-loving brew with a distinctive blush colour and the signature Good Buzz fizz.

Made from organic New Zealand boysenberries and apples, locally-produced Bay of Plenty artesian spring water, organic black tea and organic cane sugar, booch lovers can expect a sweet boysenberry start, balanced with a tart apple ending.

A note from Luke, our Head Brewer

“When coming up with this new flavour (and it being my inaugural brew for Good Buzz), it was really important to curate something that complimented the wider fruity offering of Good Buzz Kombuchas.

The boysenberries feature as a key component across this new flavour and deliver a slight blush colour to the kombucha, to give it a really distinctive look. And the apples work to balance out the sweetness of the boysenberries, to give the brew that subtle tart finish. The result is a refreshing kombucha that can be enjoyed year-round.”


Luke grew up in Mount Maunganui, and was previously the head winemaker at a local Bay of Plenty winery. We couldn’t be happier to have his hands-on experience, knowledge and passion for traditionally brewed kombucha. 

Stay Cultured!

Boysenberry Apple Organic Kombucha is now available on our online store in 328ml 12-pack, 888ml 8-pack and as part of our Berry Nice Mixed Case & Good Buzz Mix